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Broadpeak Ventures is a leading venture investment firm committed to helping entrepreneurs build the next generation of great companies. The firm invests across the healthcare and technology sector and at all stages of company development, with an emphasis on the discovery and development of medical devices and novel therapeutics. Broadpeak has built a team with deep investment, operating, and scientific expertise that enables a hands-on approach to company building.

At Broadpeak, we think being invested goes beyond providing financial support. It’s about making a commitment of time, resources, expertise, and contacts. It’s about collaborating with entrepreneurs toward a common goal. Our investment in life includes a shared passion with entrepreneurs and management teams for advancing medical innovation. Collectively, we are dedicated to revolutionizing patient care and improving quality of life.

Success in this business depends on relationships – with entrepreneurs, limited partners, co-investors, and colleagues. Entrepreneurs and management teams – not venture capitalists – are at the heart of successful companies. Our role is to set them up for success by acting as a supportive and trusted partner not just a financial overseer. We provide both strategic and practical insight by leveraging our collective experience, network and resources.




Broadpeak Ventures is a venture capital group focused on early stage opportunities. The group seeks to invest in the creation, growth, and sale of promising early stage technologies while leveraging when possible partnerships for capital efficient development and manufacturing with Biotex, Inc., an existing and successful medtech accelerator based in Houston, Texas. Broadpeak Ventures is run by experienced investors and operators of early stage ventures with a proven track record of developing successful commercial organizations from early stage concepts. Most recently Broadpeak has invested in two commercial entities originally incubated under the Biotex umbrella. The first, Visualase, Inc. exited to Medtronic in 2014 for $105M, and the second, Base Pair Biotechnologies, continues to grow and maintain a valuable pipeline of commercial opportunities.
Broadpeak will seek investment opportunities within existing and future development projects at Biotex, as well as their entrepreneur and start-up partners. A strong pipeline of such opportunities currently exists where capital can be put to work immediately and have a significant impact on company valuations.

Broadpeak– Investments Biomedical & Biotech

Visualase – MRI Laser Ablation, Exited

The Visualase device is an MRI-guided laser ablation system which comprises proprietary disposable laser applicator kits and a laser/computer workstation, which are designed to enable minimally invasive ablative surgical procedures. The primary application for the device is in the field of minimally invasive neurosurgery, replacing larger craniotomies with a small twist drill access for thermal destruction of unwanted tissue. Because the procedure is less invasive, complication rates, and hospital stays are typically lower than open procedures. Visualase was recently sold to Medtronics.

Base Pair Biotechnologies – Aptamer development platform

Base Pair Biotechnologies holds a patented approach for developing high affinity and high specificity aptamers for the biotechnology industry.  Aptamers are synthetic antibodies that are created in-vitro as opposed to requiring in-vivo (animal) development.  They hold significant advantages over antibodies in terms of development cost, speed of discovery, production consistency, shelf stability,  ability to target small molecules, and the ability to design unique characteristics. Base Pair’s unique multiplexed technology allows de novo aptamer discovery services at unprecedented speed and throughput and allows simultaneous discovery to both positive and negative targets.  Aptamers represents an enhanced alternative to antibodies, and as such, have applications across the research, diagnostics and therapeutics markets.

Exact Imaging – Ultrasound Prostate Imaging

Exact Imaging is the developer of the ExactVu™ system, the first micro-ultrasound operating at 29 MHz that provides unmatched resolution. The system enables visualization and targeting of suspicious regions, in addition to performing systematic TRUS biopsies for prostate cancer imaging.

CrossBay Medical – Medical devices women’s health

CrossBay is a company focused on developing medical devices for women’s health and fertility. The company’s goal is met by leveraging the experience of its partners and affiliates.  The strategic partners in the company have developed, manufactured, registered and commercialized products for over 30 years, bringing products for women health to markets.

Broadpeak– Investments Medtech & Biotechnology

ESAFE Medical – Medical Device for Cardiology

Broadpeak – Investments Technology & Fintech

Ceryx – Enterprise Cloud Services, Exited

Founded in 2001, Ceryx has roots and experience delivering enterprise messaging and collaboration since 1989. Their partners are global leaders in enterprise outsourcing and they have been experiencing an 80% growth in the enterprise segment with numerous clients over 10,000 seats. By focusing on software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based software development, Ceryx has lowered the costs of supporting these systems so that “out-tasking” a full corporate-grade solution, such as a private cloud or an enterprise deployment, is feasible and economical. When clients entrust their unified messaging and collaboration requirements to Ceryx, they gain the efficiencies associated with cloud computing without sacrificing the control that accompanies an on-premise solution. By specializing in messaging and collaboration, Ceryx provides a higher grade of service at a lower cost than a traditional outsourcer or generalist “managed services” company. Ceryx was recently sold to NTT.

Tenzing – Enterprise Web Hosting

Tenzing was founded in 1998 as Canada Web Hosting. The company launched the Tenzing brand to better communicate its award-winning approach to managing complex business-critical Internet systems. Tenzing has customer service centers in Kelowna, BC and Toronto, Ontario and datacenters in Canada’s primary NAPs: 151 Front Street, Toronto and the Harbour Centre, Vancouver.  Tenzing has increased it’s focus and built greater specialization over the last 5 years in the area of enterprise eCommerce application hosting and has become a leader in managing installations of Oracle|ATG, Heiler, Intershop and other well known eCommerce solutions. Tenzing works closely with leading system integrators (SIs) to reduce the significant business risks and costs behind the delivery of complex eCommerce applications. Tenzing’s comprehensive Ecommerce hosting practice provides everything necessary for the secure, scalable, and reliable delivery of business-critical eCommerce.

REX Shares – ETF platform

REX Shares believes in empowering investors. We help make the investing world flat by democratizing access to compelling investment strategies. REX overcomes barriers to deliver investment products that seek to level the playing field with innovative ETF strategies.


Ashok Gowda, Ph.D., Managing Partner

Dr. Gowda is founder of Biotex, Inc., which has successfully licensed numerous technologies and spun out two commercial stage companies, Visualase, Inc. and Base Pair Biotechnologies, both of which successfully raised private capital. These ventures were supplemented with over $15M in non-dilutive funding raised through government and private foundation grants. Dr. Gowda works closely with physicians, entrepreneurs and other start-ups to develop and bring novel medical technologies to market. Previously, Dr. Gowda co-founded and served as Chief Operating Officer at Visualase, Inc., which was acquired by Medtronic in late 2014. Dr. Gowda is an active investor, advisor, and board member for a number of early stage medical technology companies. Dr. Gowda has served as principal investigator on more than 15 NIH grants, authored more than 50 peer reviewed publications and abstracts, and is an inventor on more than 20 issued patents. Dr. Gowda received his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Biomedical Engineering from Vanderbilt University and the MS and Ph.D. degrees in Bioengineering from Texas A&M University.

Arun Gowda, Managing Partner

Mr. Gowda is founder and Managing Partner of Broadpeak Ventures and has been involved in investing and capital raising for private capital investments. He previously was a partner for Eventi Capital, a seed stage venture fund backed by top Canadian investors where he funded medtech/biotechnology and technology companies. Prior to Broadpeak, Mr. Gowda worked in senior positions for Guggenheim Partners, UBS Investment Bank and Morgan Stanley where he was part of their investment bank, derivatives and alternative investment groups. Mr. Gowda received a MBA from The Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania and a BE in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics (summa cum laude) from Vanderbilt University.


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